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Minipop sells vegan bags and zero-waste accessories hand made in Brittany, France.

More and more people around the world have been trying to reduce their waste by abandoning disposable wipes, plastic bags, make-up removers, industrial packaging, paper tissues, and more. Minipop seek to make life easier for green consumers by providing more sustainable alternatives.

Founder, Hélène, strongly believes in the need to move away from mass consumption and return to healthier and greener values. She and her team have designed ecologically-friendly products allowing customers to make better choices and gradually abandon certain habits that are harmful to the environment.

Items such as vegan bags are made by hand with cork and fennel, and eco-friendly wipes from natural materials such as flax and organic cotton.

“We are a family business and like our products, the website is handcrafted: it is a custom theme made from scratch with WooCommerce!”
– Minipop

Move away from mass consumption, consume less and reduce unnecessary waste with Minipop.

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