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Puff Coffee

Puff: A famous magic dragon, but also one of Oregon’s best-loved coffee companies.

The self-professed itsy bitsy, teeny weeny coffee company is on a mission to provide the people of Portland with the best quality cup o’ joe for miles around.

Riding the crest of coffee’s Third Wave, a trend that has seen the popularity of high quality, artisanal coffee skyrocket, coffee connoisseur Duane Sorenson established his independent roastery, Puff Coffee, back in 2017. Founder of the pioneering Stumptown Coffee Roasters brand (which helped kick-start the Third Wave in the US), it’s fair to say Sorenson knows his beans.

Founder of the pioneering Stumptown Coffee Roasters brand, it’s fair to say Sorenson knows his beans.

Now selling bags of coffee via their WooCommerce-powered online store, Puff Coffee is reaching coffee lovers’ homes too. Roasting every day excluding Sundays, Duane is setting out to bring coffee to your “house, apartment, tent, yurt, or van by the river”, so you just get to sit back on your bean bag, waiting for a bag of beans. Bliss.

With beans sourced from farmers across South America, Kenya, and Ethiopia, and roasted in Portland, Puff coffee offers a range of delicious, ethically-sourced coffees with some truly surprising flavors and notes. These range from tequila to Snickers bars, to fruity aromas of berry pie and frozen daiquiri. What’s not to love?

It’s not just coffee either. Take a look at their range of super cool branded Puff Coffee t-shirts also available from their online store. With a signature “Stay Trippy” strapline echoed by the hippy, psychedelic vibes of the Puff Instagram, there’s a free-spirited vibe to this ethical coffee joint too.

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