Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

The BroBasket launched in December of 2014 with a woefully underwhelming website angled as a regional gift baskets for guys delivery service. Now almost on our third iteration of our site, still on WooCommerce, we are a fully fledged national eCommerce company specializing in custom alcohol themed gift baskets geared towards men. We realized most men either got boring gifts or were the guy that “already has everything” so what better then to give them the gift that keeps giving, booze.

When we first launched our original developer made a “custom” theme for us that was A: very basic looking and feeling & B: crashed every time something updated. Not using a solid out of the box WooCommerce theme was killing us. Needless to say within a few months or so we realized we needed to not only change the direction of our website, but the company as a whole. We found a new developer and designer and went with an awesome Divi theme that still looks and functions great and have had awesome results with considering our growth to date.

Since we sell custom gifts it has left us needing to utilize various plugins to give the customer a great user experience and not leave us with too many headaches. Gravity Forms Product Add-ons helped created our number one seller, Customize Your Own BroBasket, that represents about a quarter of our total sales. It makes it simple and easy for customers to customize a gift basket from the ground up and even allows them to write in special requests for things like sunflower seeds, pizza rolls, and high end bottles of liquor.

Finding and utilizing Table Rate shipping was huge when we redesigned our site to cater to people all over the county, it allows us to charge flat rates to people cross country, not allow certain states we cant ship some of our gift baskets to, and even allows us to hand deliver here locally which has brought us in front of a few celebrities with our close proximity to LA. All in all we are glad we choose and stuck with WooCommerce, it has brought us from a couple of eCommerce newbies to guys that kind of know what they are doing now and have been able to scale our website to almost 1,000 sales per month with huge Christmas rush just around the corner. Cheers! James @

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