Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers

The Rosery Flower Shop

The Rosery Flower Shop is a family-owned, full-service florist that has been in business since 1902.

Established and based in Hudson, NY, they offer both innovative and traditional floral designs for weddings and other special occasions.

From soft and subtle to contemporary with an impeccable eye for design, The Rosery Flower Shop understands that it is your vision they are creating.

By only accepting a limited number of events at any given time of the year, Erin and her staff are able to provide clients with detailed attention, creating an event uniquely tailored to each individual.

“When we decided to move away from the current industry offerings of the large wire-service websites, I chose WordPress and WooCommerce as our platform of choice.”
– Darryn Cooke, developer

In addition, The Rosery offer wreath-making classes at their Warren St. location, where customers can learn how to create their very own holiday wreaths from scratch.

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