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University of San Francisco — Office of Human Resources

USF’s Office of Human Resources offers its 1,200 faculty and staff hundreds of professional development training options every year, on topics ranging from developing leadership and communication skills to improving customer service and achieving work/life balance. Courses and workshops span a variety of formats, including in person instruction, online, video, audio and slide shows. Element LMS minimizes much of the time consuming mechanics of training program promotion and delivery, and handle everything from participant registration, reminders and assessment to record keeping and reporting. USF launched the Element LMS in February 2016. The site has Sensei and other WooThemes products, such as Sensei Certificates, Course Progress, Media Attachments, a customized Scholar theme and Element LMS plugins. The Element LMS plugins provide the support for instructor-led training (ILT) programs, including dates, times, locations, and seating capacity managed with waiting lists and automated email notifications. Today, ILT programs can be tracked just like Online Courses, providing the Instructor a blended learning profile for the students.

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