Real WooCommerce stores submitted by their makers


Sue and Robyn Britz came together as a team in 2012 to start Zana. Focused on bold, fun patterns and novelty giftables, they design and produce screen printed textile products at the southern tip of Africa in Cape Town.

Sue has many years experience in print and production and Robyn focuses on the graphic design, branding and online. Drawing on each other’s unique strengths, Sue handles all the ordering, finances, staff and production whilst Robyn is in charge of managing the team when it comes to design, social media and the online store.

Selling retail and wholesale to buyers and boutiques all over the world, one of the biggest challenges Zana faced when setting up their online store was how to show international currencies for each of their hundreds of products and variations. International and local shipping calculations for the many different weights and volumes of parcels also came into play, but no matter – WooCommerce to the rescue!

As Robyn notes, “I think choosing the right tools from the start can really save you a lot of time. When I setup our online store I really wanted to use something we could grow with over time. It’s easy to maintain as you go along.”

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