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How to Start and Maintain a Blog for Your E-Commerce Site

June 17, 2014 - 9 Comments

Carte di credito e tastieraUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that blogging is important across a wide expanse of industries.

For starters, a blog on your e-commerce site will consistently provide you with a platform on which to share news and information about your company. You can offer coupons, discounts, and make announcements about new products or events.

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Time to evolve your blog

April 24, 2009 - 27 Comments


We know you like a freebie once in a while, and when we first saw the Meta-Morphosis design by Izzudin Helmi we immediately wanted to develop it into a WordPress theme, and give it away for free! The Photoshop design uses the Delicious font type, and we wanted to try and bring this over to the finished product, something we managed with the help of Cufon.

The layout of the theme is a bit unusual as it has a two column homepage with featured posts on the left, and normal posts on the right, so there is no sidebar like in your traditional theme. All of your widgets go down in the javascript slider in the footer, which is superslick!

We also incorporated the new and improved Woo-Framework in this theme, so you will see some changes in the backend options. The biggest improvement is the ability to upload your thumbnails directly without having to use the old upload, copy+paste link into custom setting field anymore. This also applies to uploading your custom logo in the options panel. We hope to update all our themes with this new functionality soon!

Check out the demo and get downloading already!

It’s a simple blog theme

November 28, 2008 - 18 Comments

It’s the 28th of the month and we’ve got just enough time to squeeze another theme release in before the end of the month, that mean’s we’ve launched 3 themes this month!

BlogTheme is another design concept that we received through our WooContest . Designed by Chris Rowe, who also designed Gotham News , this theme, that’s name is pretty self explanatory, has been specifically designed to cater for personal bloggers who like a simple, clean-cut blog design, with no bloating functionality, just the optional lifestreaming plugin that helps bring together all your social media profiles onto your site.

This theme is bundled with 5 colour styles, one of which we are sure we’ll suite you and your colourful personality.

You’ll want to read what we’re about to say!

We’ve decided that we will be launching some even more affordable themes, specifically for personal bloggers, with less functionality, but of course the same quality framework working under the bonnet. BlogTheme will be the first of these themes and available for an amazing 40 dollars ! Yup 40 dollars !

What are you waiting for, take this theme for a test drive , find out more about what this theme offers, and then give your blog a facelift.

As always please provide us with your constructive feedback.

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