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City Guide Gets Some New Features

May 10, 2010 - 16 Comments

City Guide has surprisingly been one of our best sellers over the last couple months, as our theme leaderboard proves. We say surprisingly because it is a niche directory-based theme, with innovative Google Maps integration, but far from our usual winning formula.

Given it’s popularity and the wonderful feedback from users and beta testers Fox spent a couple days last week adding some hugely valuable additional functionality.

Category Maps

View all your category posts on a overview map

As can be seen above, and on the demo, there is now an overview map on each category page. This map shows each post, which has a Google Maps location added to it, on the map in the form of a marker. You can then click on that marker to be taken directly to that post. This is a great visual navigation item to highlight all the restaurants, hotels, visitor attractions, etc, individually.

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Write me a postcard

January 28, 2010 - 38 Comments

So you are about to head off on an adventure around the world, or perhaps just an extended road trip up the east coast? You’ve promised postcards to friends and families, but what a mission, post offices are so last century! 🙂

See you’ve decided to buy a domain, install WordPress and this really cool theme from WooThemes instead. Friends all around the world can track your progress, see exactly where you’ve been and the photos you’ve taken. They’ll share the experience with you, leaving you comments and advice of where and what you should be doing.

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January 28, 2010 - 2 Comments

Unique Features

  • Custom home page slider

    A custom home page featured scroller to highlight specifically tagged posts and present them uniquely – looking like the front and back of a postcard.

  • Google Maps integration

    Google Maps integration for geo-tagging of posts, with a custom map panel for your blog post editor and journey planning widgets for usage on the home page.

  • Custom Widgets

    Other Custom Woo Widgets for use in the 3 widgetized home page zones, and 1 generic site sidebar – e.g. Twitter feeds and Flickr photo streams

  • Image Gallery

    A category-based image gallery template that groups photos published in posts according to categories, and displays each category’s photos, minus the post content using neat AJAX trickery and ThickBox for image pop-ups.

  • Alternative styles

    9 alternate styles ranging from a ‘minimal’ blank canvas through to an ‘airmail envelope’ style, allowing for its usage to truly be limitless and it’s appeal to reach further than just travel bloggers.

Wish you were here

September 28, 2009 - 64 Comments

postcard_logoIf WooThemes were a work desk, it would be one of those really messy desks littered with sketches and papers at the moment. We have so many theme concepts we are currently working on both in-house and with theme collaborators. It’s most certainly a creative place to be.

A couple weeks back I opened up Photoshop and dusted off the toolboxes to start experimenting with a travel blogging theme design, fresh after my recent holiday to the Greek Islands.

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