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The August Showcase Showoff

August 2, 2012 - 8 Comments

We’re back for a second installment of our Showcase Showoff. We had some fantastic sites in the last post, and are keeping the trend going. Be sure you visit each of these sites and see them in action, and vote in our poll below! If you have your own awesome WooThemes, WooCommerce, WooDojo, Flexslider, etc… site. Be sure you submit it to our showcase!

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The July Showcase Showoff

July 3, 2012 - 7 Comments

We’re on a new quest to show off our users wonderful customizations and modifications. After the majority of our recovery from the hack, we’ve been much more active on the showcase. I’ve been going through and publishing submissions there at least once a week. We’re also actively seeking out more case studies for the blog too. If you share a showcase or case study worthy site with us, expect us to contact you. If you think you have a site that is deserving, of course let us know too.

With that out of the way, here is another avenue we’re going to try. I’ve dubbed it the Showcase Showoff. After each week of updating the showcase, we’re going to take a few of the featured sites added and show them off here. I’ll tell you what we thought was awesome about each site shown off, and we expect you to get in on the fun too! It’s kind of akin to the Showcase Showdown WooThemes did awhile back, except much more friendlier. These sites aren’t battling it out, but you can definitely let us know which is your favorite. 😉

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5 Minutes with Woo: GoMediaZine

September 26, 2008 - 9 Comments

GoMediaZine This week we interview Jeff Finley of GoMediaZine.

GoMediaZine is a group of guys and girls passionate about art and graphic design. Their website is a great resource for any aspiring designer with a massive following. Recently they re-designed their website. We ask Jeff a few questions about why he opted to base their new design on a WooTheme.

Jeff, first up, we’ve got to say that GoMediaZine is our favourite modification of a WooTheme ever and you’ve become somewhat of a flagship of inspiration for us. Can you give us a bit of insight into the design?

Thanks, it means a lot.  I chose Fresh News because it had a lot of the functionality already built in and I just needed to tweak the look.  I didn’t want to just change colors. It was a big deal for me to infuse a little bit of Go Media’s rich illustrative brand but still keep it clean and well organized.  I felt a mild textured look was appropriate but I didn’t want to do a “grunge” design if you know what I mean.  I used elements from the memorable Concentric Circles Series that Go Media’s Oliver Barrett did 2 years ago that have become somewhat of a Go Media staple.  I figured it was an iconic image that people associated with us, so it fit perfectly.  And the hand-drawn-looking “hair” or whatever you want to call it is another design element that I have been using a lot in my work that people kind of recognize as a Go Media thing.  We have a “hair” vector pack that is very similar.  The choice of a deep purple was a new one for Go Media.  In the past, our Go Media sites have been focused on the yellow (which was initially part of our brand), which I honestly think is a hindrance.  I want to explore other colors, and naturally purple is yellow’s complimentary color, so it worked nice.   The texture came from the back of an old record sleeve.  Nice and dirty.

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The WooThemes Showcase has arrived

September 8, 2008 - 7 Comments

WooThemes Showcase - Websites using WooThemes Templates As mentioned in my previous post, 13 wonderful websites using WooThemes , our plan has been to introduce a CSS gallery showcasing only WooTheme based websites. The idea behind the showcase is to get our readers inspired about the possibitilities of our WordPress themes and drive traffic to our wonderful community of designers and bloggers already using WooThemes.

We’ve managed to put together our design showcase in record time and we are pleased to point you to it at .

Have a browse around some of our favourite website designs, leave some constructive comments for the webmasters and give the designs your personal star ratings.

13 Wonderful Websites using WooThemes

September 3, 2008 - 5 Comments

Just a quick note to point you in the direction of a post I’ve recently written featuring 13 wonderful websites using our WooThemes.

As our registered users are aware there is a showcase forum in our support forums where you can submit your customization of a WooTheme for others to view. A showcase gallery, viewable by all our site visitors, is in the pipeline for the WooThemes website, but we hope this will suffice for now.

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