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Case Study: YoYoBESTBUY

June 19, 2012 - 13 Comments

This week we have a case study by Johnnie DelValle, world champion yo-yo player, on his experience running a large product inventory site with WooCommerce!

Tell Us More About Yourself & The Site

YoYoBESTBUY was built to serve the niche yoyo market of the west coast and provide high end premium yoyo’s all around the bay area (even though we’ve grown way beyond and ship worldwide frequently). Most people don’t know it but yo-yoing is what I consider a really unique growing sport. I started yo-yoing as a bored kid and just have never been able to put it down, 15 years later I still can’t, after winning the regional, national and world yoyo contest in the same year; I became really active in the yoyo scene and wanted to give back to something I loved so much. I do that with my store YoYoBESTBUY, running yoyo contests and doing product development with my sponsor YoYoJam. I also have a day job where I’m a web and Brand Manager for a cancer diagnostics company in the bay area.

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Teaser alert

March 26, 2012 - 61 Comments

Behind the scenes at WooHQ there is lot’s of activity across many exciting projects that we’re dying to share with you. Unfortunately, we can’t share all of them at once… what would you have to look forward to then!?

We will give you a glimpse of two of the feature-rich new themes we are working on though. Both designed in-house by Cobus Bester and Jay Koster.

Merchant is a responsive gem with portfolio, mini-features, JS Masonry, sliders and blog modules. I like it so much I might be using it for my personal site re-design.

Expect them both within the next month.

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