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Skeptically caffeinated

September 8, 2010 - 18 Comments

I’m not even sure that title makes sense, but it does somewhat describe the next two upcoming themes, and was the title of the email Cobus sent me with the teaser graphics.

Firstly, we have Ryan Downie’s personal portfolio theme design that he originally designed for his own personal use – fueled by his passion for Coffee, Red Bull and lunchtime pot of noodles according to his Twitter stream.

This theme’s release is literally around the corner and boasts more custom post type integration and a great summize of your online presence on the home page.

Caffeinated by Ryan Downie

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Sneak peek at Productum

January 12, 2009 - 25 Comments

As Adii mentioned last week there are some really exciting themes to look forward to over the next few months.

Lately I’ve been fairly quiet being more involved in creating alternate styles for other designer’s woothemes, then designing themes myself, but over the last few weeks I’ve managed to find some time to work on some designs of my own. The latest being Productum which is a theme dedicated to promoting your product or service.

Click on image to see full size preview
Click on image to see full size preview

Packed into a neat 16 column grid structure this theme comes bundled with a neat product image slideshow, a featured content block, recent news/blog posts and some widgetized modules available on your home page. As always it will be available in a variety of colourful styles. With all these features you should be able to customize Productum enough to have a very slick, professional marketing tool. Might I add this theme is not an e-commerce theme, but will have theme options to easily link buttons to payment facilities.

This theme should be available for purchase in late March/April.

Constructive feedback and feature requests are much appreciated, but we obviously cannot guarantee to accomodate all of them.

WooTheme Teaser: How do you like your eggs?

October 14, 2008 - 20 Comments

There have been lots of theme concepts floating around the WooCamp lately, including collaborations with well know designers and lots of good WooContest entries, so I thought I would add to the mix. We’ve been lacking a good business theme after the launch of VibrantCMS, and that is why I wanted to design a sleek and sexy business theme directed at small/one man web/coding companies, but also versatile enough to be used as a personal blog/portfolio.

The front page template includes a prominent header where your message will come accross to the visitor, and your work / products will be displayed in the slider underneath. There will also be numerous color styles just like in VibrantCMS so it will be easy to find something to fit your brand. Check the screeshot for a few already made.

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