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Unleashing the Power of Video on Your E-Commerce Site

August 4, 2014 - 1 Comment

E-Commerce VideoEven though the almighty word still rules online, video has been gaining traction, especially over the past few years.

Just think of all the streaming video sites that have cropped up lately. Still, I find it interesting that video is so underutilized on e-commerce sites. Sure, some use it but not nearly as many as you’d think.

When there’s the opportunity ready and waiting to feature your products on video, why wouldn’t you include at least a few clips on your site?

If you want to learn how to make the most of video for your online store, keep reading. I’ll walk you through some helpful tips.

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WereWoolves In London

June 27, 2011 - 13 Comments

Remember the WooTrip we just had to London? Well just in case you’ve forgot or didn’t know, we’ve blogged quite a bit about it. First was our mini site to celebrate the trip, and for you to keep dibs on our antics. Next up, Adii talked a bit about the importance of the trip besides beer. Then he wrote about our passions working together. Finally, we blogged about the experience of all of us in one place.

Blegh, too much blogging if you ask me. 😉

Speaking of these passions, I happened to study a little video production while in university and armed with my handy 7D in London I shot some clips of our trip. This is the resulting highlight video to the soundtrack of one of London’s biggest bands. Our other song of choice, Werewolves Of London, was voted out. Hope you enjoy the video!



WooTube haz homepage!

February 20, 2009 - 14 Comments

When we first designed WooTube, we only intended it to be a simple video browser theme. Some complained that the homepage looked like a single post, probably because that is exactly what it was 🙂 WooTube has been out for nearly a month, and it seems like it has been well received, even though there isn’t any fancy homepage layout for it.

But now there is! A few hours of coding, and voila, an optional homepage layout, which you can turn on from within your options panel. This will add post boxes on the front page, and you have the option of showing the latest video, or disabling it and getting that gallery feel on the theme.

This theme can therefore easily be used as a normal blog/gallery/portfolio or whatever you can imagine it to be. There is no need to add videos to your posts, so you could use it to show of your design work, or run a CSS gallery.

If you already own WooTube and want to know how to upgrade, you should study the changelog.txt and first backup your current theme if you have made any changes to the files.

Let us know your thoughts on the upgrade by checkint out the demo, and if there are any more tweaks that we should add.

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