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Mondu is changing the B2B payments ecosystem. The Berlin-based fintech enables merchants and marketplaces to offer their business customers the most popular B2B payment methods - such as purchase on invoice and SEPA direct debit - as well as flexible payment terms in online checkouts. Vendors who work with Mondu are protected from default risk and save the hassle of collections and dunning, enabling them to focus on their core business and scale faster. Mondu’s product brings B2B payments up to par with B2C payments, putting customers in the heart of the payment flow and ensuring they have a seamless, modern and state-of-the-art experience.  The result is a win-win story: business customers have the power to purchase and pay when they want, which translates to a higher conversion rate and basket size for the supplier. Mondu’s seamless solution enables manufacturers, wholesalers, and B2B marketplaces to increase conversion rates by approximately 40% and average basket size by up to 60%. Mondu guarantees fast payouts, helps protect you from payment default, and supports you with payment allocation to make dunning easier. Mondu is able to authenticate all types of business buyers – our risk scoring algorithms run in the background and credit approval decisions are taken within 0.2 seconds. Mondu approves >90% of existing as well as new customers.   By purchasing with Mondu you can pay with your preferred payment methods like purchase by invoice and SEPA direct debit, while also having flexible payment terms.

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