Integrate your WooCommerce store with PureClarity, the leading AI-based ecommerce personalization platform proven to increase online revenue by over 26%* with personalized real-time AI recommenders, personalized marketing campaigns, advanced audience segmentation and personalization within email and search. PureClarity collects behavioral data from every single website visitor including views, purchases, searches and even time of day or amount spent. This data is then analyzed and PureClarity identifies relationships between audience segments and the products that you sell online.. Through this real-time AI-driven real-time personalization technology, PureClarity analyzes visitor behavior on three different levels, the individual, the customer segments the individual belongs to and the website overall, presenting highly targeted, personalized products, banners, promotions and offers on your WooCommerce store designed to maximize response, and ultimately to boost your bottom line. With PureClarity, you can present different personalized merchandising campaigns to different audience segments as they browse your website. You can choose to run PureClarity ‘hands-off’ and it will use its powerful AI engine to personalize the experience based on a number of default segments provided in PureClarity’s admin dashboard. However, you can choose further optimize PureClarity by defining your own segments or extending those configured by PureClarity using a large range of behavioral and CRM-based conditions. Conditions including time habits, visits, favorite brands or average order value, time since last order, the list goes on.  Increase online revenue by 26.6%*  Increase sales conversions by 71.5%*  Increase average order value by 15.6%* *Based on statistical averages of PureClarity clients. KEY FEATURES

  • Automatically upsell and cross-sell with personalized recommenders
  • Advanced AI recommender engine orchestrates the best recommendation strategy for each visitor. The AI will place the recommender most likely to convert and adapt with each click of the customer journey
  • Recommenders can be placed on any page or within any zone of your website From your home page, product pages, category listings, search results page, cart page, through to even your order confirmation page and email.
  • The AI gets to work from day one. You can let the AI get to work 24/7 with no intervention
  • PureClarity’s AI can evaluate which manual recommenders are on a page to ensure there is no recommender duplication
  • Ability to overlay the AI with personalized marketing campaigns throughout your site and set rules to determine which audience segment see which campaign and when. Personalized campaigns can take the form of online banner ads, carousels and manual personalized recommenders
  • Full insights and opportunities analytics to optimize your campaigns and performance and maximize revenues. PureClarity enables you to real-time you can gain valuable insightinto the performance of your on-site recommenders, personalization within site search, behavioral merchandising campaigns and personalized email marketing.
  • Advanced audience segmentation. Ability to set up as many customer groups as your business needs.
  • Integrates with your WooCommerce store in minutes
  • Works extremely effective with sparse data sets. The AI is constantly learning and will start from day one.
  • Fully customizable recommenders to fit your store’s theme
  • Works for both B2C and B2B WooCommerce stores
  • Multi-award winning software
  • Free to get started – -why not Try For Free or Request a 1-1 Demo
  • Extremely competitive pricing structurebased monthly page views for maximum ROI
  • All features included in the monthly cost
  • No set up fees
  • No long-term contract
  • Access to PureClarity Academy
  • Dedicated onboarding and support teams
TRY FOR FREE With PureClarity you can Try for Free for 14 days.
  • Unlimited access to all PureClarity features
  • Access to PureClarity Academy
  • Step by step implementation guide
  • Full support if needed

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