TaxCloud is a service of The Federal Tax Authority, LLC (d/b/a TaxCloud), a Washington Limited Liability Company. TaxCloud’s mission is to offer online retailers an affordable, easy way to calculate and collect sales tax. Since inception, TaxCloud has been designed to ensure ease-of-use and minimal cost for retailers. Today, TaxCloud is among the largest providers of sales tax compliance services with more than 26,000 online retailers registered. TaxCloud is headquartered in Connecticut with operations in California, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Washington State. TaxCloud offers a variety of services to facilitate sales tax calculation, filing, and remittance. Our APIs consider all aspects of tax calculation, including origin location, nexus footprint, destination shipping, taxability rules, and exemptions. With a TaxCloud account, you can...
  1. Determine, in real-time, the applicable sales tax rate for all your transactions.
  2. Determine if items are tax-exempt (including sales tax holidays).
  3. Automatically integrate changes to tax codes and rates.
  4. Track your monthly gross sales, exempt sales and taxable sales in every state.
  5. Get a detailed breakdown by jurisdiction within each state.
  6. Generate and automatically file your monthly sales tax returns.
  7. Remit sales tax proceeds to the appropriate state and local jurisdictions.
  8. Bypass state-issued correspondence, including notices and audit inquiries, because we handle those for you.

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