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WooSidebars. Perfect sidebar management.

With WooSidebars you can override any widgetized area on your WordPress-powered website, displaying different widgets for different screens... without touching a line of code.

The WooSidebars plugin is a replacement for the WooThemes Sidebar Manager previously packaged within all our themes.

Some of the many features of WooSidebars

Code consistency

No theme modification required

WooSidebars works without any code modifications, and no template tags are required. It looks for your existing widgetized regions.

One click upgrades of WooFramework

Seamless WordPress Integration

WooSidebars integrates seamlessly into your WordPress website, making it easy and natural to get up and running with no additional setup.

Custom Branding

Custom Sidebars for Any Post

Create custom sidebars or footers if your theme has these widgetized regions, for specific posts or pages.

Custom Shortcodes

Override any dynamic sidebar

WooSidebars makes it possible to override any sidebar registered within WordPress. This includes seemless integration with core functions such as is_active_sidebar() and dynamic_sidebar()

Sidebar Manager

Advanced Replacement Conditions

WooSidebars features an advanced conditionals engine, allowing for the overriding of widget areas according to specific conditions (for example, a single blog post or search and category screens).

Woo Custom Navigation integrated in WordPress (WP Menus)

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