Built Mighty

Our expert Woo team is comprised of problem solvers who know exactly how to expand the possibilities for your online business. By leveraging an agile development process and committing to consistent, transparent communication, they are able to continuously deliver the right features and integrations.

Our team is passionate about developing for the eCommerce world. Located entirely in the US, we’re available when you need us to answer questions and provide trusted solutions.

Looking for a developer who puts your goals first? We are the go-to development shop for WooCommerce stores because of our exceptional work and excellent customer service. Whether you’re building a new store from the ground up or looking for a way to boost your existing store’s functionality, we’re here to help.

Our team can:

Build custom plugins with specific functionalities
Optimize the performance of your store
Troubleshoot recurring errors
Create unique promotions for your customers
Simplify and expedite your workflow
Increase your store’s visibility
Customize your checkout process
And much more!

Our base hourly rate is $165 an hour:
Custom Plugins start at 40 hours
Custom Themes start at 80 hours

Seattle, United States (US)
Projects from $6,000
Hourly from $160
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