WooCommerce Partners

Becoming a WooExpert

WooExperts are verified experts specializing in site setup, implementation, and development. Customers looking for help can use the network to find an expert that’s right for them. Interested in becoming a WooExpert? Join our waitlist below.

A partnership with benefits

Our WooExperts program is kept deliberately small and highly selective.

Brand Endorsement

Every verified WooExpert receives a profile in the directory, a WooExpert badge to display on your website, and a plaque for your office.

High Quality Leads

Merchants and store owners can use our site to find high quality experts for their business. You’ll be contacted directly by customers looking for your specific skill sets.

Exclusive Invitations and Communication

Be the first to know about changes to our products and try out new features before they launch. You’ll also have a direct relationship with the WooCommerce team.


Over 3 million merchants using WooCommerce could use your help (source)

Becoming a WooExpert

We are not currently prioritizing new integration partners for listing on WooCommerce.com, however, if you’re interested in working together in the future, please feel free to submit and we’ll notify you when the program reopens.

What does WooCommerce look for in a WooExpert?

The decision whether to offer WooExpert status is entirely subjective, based on first-hand experience and collaboration. If your code is of consistently high quality, and you engage positively with us and the client, we may choose to invite you to become a WooExpert.

How else can I build a profile in the WooCommerce space?

The best accreditation comes from establishing a good reputation within the WooCommerce community. Get involved in your local WordCamp or WooCommerce Meetup as an attendee, a volunteer, a speaker, a sponsor, or an organizer. Share your work with the community by releasing plugins or posting useful code snippets. Or contribute to the open source project by helping with translations, reporting and patching bugs, and participating in core development.

Ready to become a WooExpert?

We’re not currently accepting new agencies into the WooExperts program. If you’re interested in working together in the future, please join our waitlist below and we’ll notify you when the program reopens.


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