Enterprise ecommerce that scales

Showcase of successful enterprise merchant's store on WooCommerce
Showcase of successful enterprise merchant's store on WooCommerce

We dropped the idea of developing our own ecommerce site from scratch after working with WooCommerce and its customer success team.

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Enterprise-ready ecommerce from Woo

From full store ownership to a completely customizable environment, Woo Enterprise comes with everything you need for long-term business growth.

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Full ownership of your store and data

Your store and data belong to you, always — including control over where your data is stored and how it can be used. 

High performance at scale

As your business grows, we’ll grow with it. You’ll have full control over how your site is run — from where it’s hosted to the features it has — and we’ll be there to ensure it runs smoothly, securely, and efficiently.

Reduce your TCO

Unlike other SaaS ecommerce platforms, WooCommerce is free to use without costly subscription fees. You’ll only ever pay for the features you need — reducing your total cost of ownership.

Customize without limits

Open source means you’re free to add any features as your business and customer needs change. You can design and build your enterprise ecommerce store to fit your exact requirements. 

Secure and safe

Built on WordPress, Woo includes features to protect your content and customer data. For extra peace of mind, you’ll have the option to add any other security tools you require.

Customize and extend your store

Simplify your payment operations
with WooPayments

Seamlessly integrate a wide range of payment methods — such as credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and buy now, pay later — and manage them all from your WooCommerce dashboard.

Integrate with your business software

Woo integrates seamlessly with the software you already know and trust, like your ERP or CRM. Our Marketplace offers hundreds of extensions and connectors, so you can be sure that there’s a solution for every need.

Sell on multiple marketplaces
and channels

Reach more customers when you sync your Woo store with other popular marketplaces and channels. Enterprise-grade channel management lets you streamline your multi-channel presence.

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The expandability of WooCommerce is great, we moved to Woo because of the customizability. With Shopify everything is behind a paywall and makes it difficult to test and develop.

What value will I get out of Woo Enterprise?

  • Access to business-boosting resources through a single point of contact.
  • Personalized guidance on ecommerce strategy from a dedicated
    Customer Success Manager and Solutions Architects.
  • Round-the-clock priority support for technical challenges with your store.

Who qualifies for Woo Enterprise?

1. Anyone wanting to migrate to Woo from another platform.
2. Existing customers looking for comprehensive support in their
    ecommerce journey.

Why should I migrate to Woo?

Merchants choose WooCommerce over other Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Additionally, the variety of extensions and Woo’s flexible, open-source nature provide endless customization possibilities to suit any business need.

What is the cost of Woo Enterprise?

We offer different service packages based on your business size, as well as a $3,000 discount if your store uses WooPayments. Contact our team to discuss your needs and get a custom quote.

Do you offer migration support?

Yes! Woo Enterprise includes data migration and basic site setup. Additionally, certified WooExpert agencies can assist with more advanced configurations. Get in touch to discuss a migration plan tailored to your store.

How long will migration take?

It depends on the amount of content and the level of customization required. Migration projects can range from 2–4 weeks; larger-scale moves may require more planning and testing.

Is hosting included?

No, but we do offer a $2,000 USD annual discount on Pressable hosting. Hosting your store with Pressable helps us provide you with more comprehensive support. Learn more about Pressable’s features.

Are custom site builds included?

If you are launching a website, Woo Enterprise can help architect the solution. We can also direct your team or existing agency on the best approach. If a complete custom site build is required, we can connect you with an officially vetted WooExpert to assist.

Can you work with our preferred agency?

Yes. Your Woo Enterprise Customer Success Manager (CSM) and technical assistance team can augment or support your existing agency’s services.