Trademark Guidelines

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Automattic Inc. owns and oversees the trademarks for Woo™, WooCommerce®, and WooThemes® names, logos, and related icons (aka the “Woo Marks”).

The goal of these guidelines is to prevent Woo Marks from being used to trick or confuse anyone looking for official WooCommerce or WooThemes resources, and to clarify how legitimate Woo-related businesses and projects can legally use Woo Marks.

We want to encourage legitimate Woo-related products and services, but we reserve the right to take action against anyone who uses any Woo Marks improperly and/or without authorization.

The Details

There are some cases where you can use Woo Marks without asking permission, and some for which our advance permission is required.

You can use Woo Marks without advance permission to:

  • Truthfully describe WooCommerce or WooThemes products.
  • Report news or information about WooCommerce, WooThemes, or Automattic.
  • Link to our sites.

Whenever you use our marks, please always follow the Woo Style Guide below.

If you’d like to use a Woo Mark for reasons other than those listed above, please ask our permission by contacting us via the handy form at the bottom of this page. We’ll review all requests and grant permission to high-quality projects that further the WooCommerce and WooThemes communities. Please note that we do not allow the use of Woo Marks in advertising.

Here are more examples of when you need and don’t need our permission to use a Woo Mark.

You can use a Woo Mark without permission if you want to:You need our permission before using a Woo Mark if you want to:
Describe your products or services.

E.g., “We offer consulting services for small businesses using WooCommerce.”
Include it in your company name, logo, or branding.

E.g., “The WooCommerce Consulting Company.”
Refer or link to the official products.

E.g., “We provide services for products available at”
Use it in any way that suggests a relationship with or endorsement from Automattic.

E.g., “WooUpgrade,” “Woo Consulting,” or “WooThemes Bundles.” (“Bundles for WooThemes” would be ok.)
Engage in non-commercial projects that promote the spread of official products.

E.g., Using the WooCommerce logo to advertise a free class sponsored by a nonprofit.
Use it in commercial projects to sell products.

E.g., Reselling our plugins or themes using our logos.
Use “Woo” in a domain name, provided that it is not a reference to WooCommerce or used in a way that suggests an affiliation to Automattic.

E.g., may be ok if your site/product has nothing to do with WooCommerce and does not suggest any affiliation to Automattic.
In a domain name, use the marks “WooThemes” or “WooCommerce” in any way, or use “Woo” as a reference to WooCommerce or in a way that suggests an affiliation to Automattic.

E.g.,,, or

When in doubt about your use of any Woo Marks, please contact Automattic at for clarification.

Permission for use of Woo Marks

Please note that we will only grant permission if you provide a comprehensive explanation of how the Woo Mark(s) will be used. If granted, permission will be revocable at any time and is limited to the use specified.

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