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What is Woo?

Woo is the company behind the leading open-source ecommerce platform, WooCommerce, powering 30.25% of the top million online stores.* Built on WordPress, WooCommerce empowers anyone, anywhere, to sell anything with truly unlimited extensibility, flexibility, and control over how they build and evolve their business.

Launched in 2011 and acquired by Automattic in 2015, Woo is a fully distributed company with employees based around the world.

StoreLeads, StoreLeads.app, July 2024 ​​

WooCommerce in numbers


live installations

StoreLeads (using Woo Cart/Checkout),
State of Ecommerce


of all ecommerce is powered by WooCommerce

StoreLeads, Growth of WooCommerce


official Woo Marketplace products,
and growing daily

Woo Marketplace


developers, creatives, and builders
supporting WooCommerce merchants worldwide


core code contributors from
around the world


Woo employees around the world

Regarding third-party measurement: WordPress plugin rules don’t permit the automatic collection of stats and performance data (although some merchants do opt-in to share data). We use third-party measurement tools, including StoreLeads.app and W3Techs, to build an accurate estimate of WooCommerce installations, growth, and geographic distribution.

Latest Woo news

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We're re-launching the Woo Affiliate Program to help you generate new revenue by promoting the web's most trusted and popular WooCommerce solutions. Participating affiliates will be able to monetize their site's traffic …
WooCommerce Updated to Address Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability
Today Woo's engineering team deployed an important update for WooCommerce. The update addresses a vulnerability that could allow bad actors to inject malicious content in the browser. The Woo team has also …
Automattic and Woo Help Maximize Agency Potential
Agencies are essential partners in building the best WooCommerce experiences. That’s why Woo is excited to announce Automattic for Agencies, a new program dedicated to maximizing the reach and impact of WordPress …
WooCommerce Updated to Address Data Tracking Issue
On May 28, 2024, Woo's engineering team discovered an issue within WooCommerce (versions 7.8 and above) that caused the unintentional collection of specific visitor data by Automattic, Woo's parent company.  This issue …

Why people love WooCommerce

Unlimited capability

WooCommerce developers can build 100% custom products as needed. In the Woo Marketplace, you’ll find hundreds of extensions and themes that personalize and extend the capabilities of WooCommerce stores.

A global, creative community

WooCommerce has a worldwide community of developers, builders, and creatives ready to help anyone build an online business that scales.

Open source roots

As a freely downloadable plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce has always been a part of the open-source community. Democratizing commerce is at our core.

Ownership over leasing

Woo users build and own their shop, end to end, with a 100% open-source platform, unlimited hosting options, and total control over their shopping experience.

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