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FirstTracks Marketing

We develop, implement, and customize all sizes and types of online sales websites. We can help you set up any kind of online shop, membership or subscription program, or simple or variable product sites. We also can provide all the support and training you need to help you market and grow your sales

FirstTracks Marketing specializes in WooThemes and WooCommerce development. In the last four years, FirstTracks has developed, built, and launched more than 30 client websites of all sizes based on WooThemes, many built on the Canvas framework. We have a deep understanding of the Canvas framework, and also have extensive experience in customizing WooCommerce for the individual needs of our clients.

We have built numerous custom bridges that allow WooCommerce to interact directly to accounting and inventory management software programs such as Acctivate, Quickbooks and Stitch Labs. We have developed system and functionality enhancements for bulk ordering, wholesale purchasing, bookings, subscriptions and custom product feeds for sales and landing pages. If you have an idea and you want to build it in WordPress and WooCommerce we can get you where you want to be.

In addition to our development team we also have a full in-house online marketing team. We can help you take your online shop sales to new heights with our multi-channel strategic marketing programs. Email marketing automation, paid search marketing, content development, promotions management, social media we can help you define what the best mix is for your shop and help you crush your sales goals month after month. On average clients working with us on retainer average about 20% sales growth month after month and year over year.

Let FirstTracks help you develop your WooCommerce website and online sales program.

Concord, NH, United States (US)
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