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Sale Flash Pro

Further incentivise sales at your store by displaying a % or total discount on product archive and details pages.

Further incentivize sales at your store

The Sale Flash Pro extension for WooCommerce gives you control over how you showcase discounts on your online store. With a user-friendly interface and customization options, this plugin is designed to enhance your promotions.

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Why use Sale Flash Pro?

  • Flexible Discount Display: Choose between displaying discounts as a percentage (e.g., “25% off”) or as a total reduction (e.g., £2.50 off). Tailor the display to align with your marketing strategy and captivate your audience.
  • Original Price Visibility: Decide whether to showcase the original price alongside the discounted amount. Provide transparency to your customers, reinforcing the value of your promotions.
  • Variable Product Support: “Sale Flash Pro” goes beyond the basics by allowing you to display sale flashes on variable products in product archives. Highlight the most enticing discount among variations, creating a compelling visual impact.
  • Attractive Discount Highlight: When dealing with variable products, the plugin intelligently identifies and displays the most attractive discount. If one variation boasts a 25% reduction while others have 20%, the flash prominently showcases “up to 25% off,” ensuring maximum engagement.

Variable product with the most attractive discount.

Effortlessly elevate your online store’s promotional game with “Sale Flash Pro.” Whether you’re running limited-time offers, flash sales, or showcasing variable products, this plugin empowers you to create an engaging shopping experience that converts visitors into satisfied customers.

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