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Automatically calculate shipping rates for New Zealand orders

PLEASE NOTE: This plugin is the product of OPMC and is not associated with New Zealand Post. New Zealand Post is not able to assist with any support or inquiries on this product.  Any customer service requests must be directed only to OPMC.

The New Zealand Post Group offers services to help New Zealand run, connecting people, businesses and communities. This plugin lets you offer New Zealand Post rates to your customers which are pulled directly from their API.

When a customer enters their shipping information, the cost of the order’s shipping is calculated using the weight and dimensions of the product(s). This returns the correct shipping rate for the customer.Save time manually calculating shipping costs and avoid unexpected shipping costs.

The extension requires that your store uses NZ Dollars currency and New Zealand as the base country. It primarily works with mm and kg, but other units can be converted automatically.


Calculate domestics and international shipping rates for NZ packages.

NZ Post can calculate rates worldwide, or domestic:

Domestic International
  • ParcelPost
  • ParcelPost Fast
  • ParcelPost Tracked
  • Courier
  • International Express Courier
  • International Economy Courier
  • International Air
  • International Economy

Add handling fees or offer shipping discounts

Easily adjust the pricing of your shipping rates from the plugin’s settings. Increase the costs for each service by a dollar or percentage amount.


Specify custom box sizes

Specify the size, maximum weight and dimensions of the boxes you use to ship products. Items will automatically be added to these boxes depending on their dimensions or weight.


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