Display star ratings below your Google Shopping Ads. Generate a product review feed url and have control over which products to include.

The extension does the following:

  1. It Generates a unique URL for each review.
  2. Only “Reviews” are included in the feed. Questions, comments, and qualifiers are excluded.
  3. Includes Strong Identifiers such as GTIN to match your reviews to the correct products in your Product Feed.
  4. Gives you control over which products’ reviews to include in the feed.

User Interface

Intuitive user interface gives you full control over your product ratings feed.


Shopping Ads that Display Product Ratings

Shopping Ads with star ratings have higher click-through-rates

Site Requirements:

  • Must have published product reviews on your site.
  • Have an active product feed uploaded to the Google Merchant Center.
  • Google Product Shopping Ads in place. You need an Google Ads account for this.

With this extension, your Shopping Ads will display actual ratings and reviews from your website. Displaying product ratings on your Google Shopping ads helps shoppers feel more confident and may help increase clickthrough rates on your ads.


Customer reviews

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