WooCommerce block-based checkout experience

Level up your store with a seamless and customizable checkout for a cart-to-checkout experience that converts more shoppers.

Increase your revenue

A conversion optimized experience out-of-the-box

Everything you need to create a seamless checkout and order confirmation experience is built into blocks. Need to customize? There are options for that, too.

Simplified user flow

Streamline the purchase flow with clearly defined steps and remove any unnecessary points of friction. Give your shoppers fewer reasons to abandon their checkout and benefit from a higher conversion rate!

Instant field validation

Remove the frustration of having to re-enter entire forms, and speed up the purchase process with instant field validation. If a customer makes a mistake, they’ll be alerted instantly.

Intuitive and direct control

Built for the future – and today

Edit features in real time using WordPress’ built-in block editor, Gutenberg. As Gutenberg continues to be enhanced, so will the Cart and Checkout blocks.

Customize the experience

Create a checkout and order confirmation experience that works for your business. Use the options to add, remove, hide, and disable fields, in an instant – all without additional code.

Your store, your brand

Your store’s theme is fully integrated automatically, creating a consistently beautiful experience from product page to payment and order confirmation.

Get paid

Dedicated express payments

For an even speedier checkout experience, add express payment options – such as Apple Pay® – to your checkout. When enabled, your customers will be given the option to use them straight away, allowing them to fast-track through the checkout process.  

Accept multiple payment methods

Whether your preferred method of collecting payment is via credit card, cash on delivery, bank transfer, check, or a combination of all four, the cart and checkout blocks give you the flexibility to choose the options that work for you. 

Seamless integration with WooPayments

WooPayments is a fully integrated solution that empowers you to accept online and in-person payments, track revenue, and handle all payment activity from your store’s dashboard. Combine WooPayments with cart and checkout blocks to create a seamless experience for you and your customers. 


Works on any device

Ongoing support and feature develpment

Built using Gutenberg

“It really breaks down the checkout process to the most important steps and information for me and the customer, with a nice default template and a really clean look.”

– Woo Cart and Checkout merchant

Currently supports

WooPayments • Stripe • Woo Shipping and Tax • Google Analytics • Square • PayFast • WooCommerce Subscriptions • Product Add-Ons • Product Bundles • Gift Cards • Composite Products • Min/Max Quantities • Conditional Shipping and Payments • Name Your Price • AutomateWoo • TaxJar • Points and Rewards

with more to come!

Level up your store with blocks