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Bolt Checkout for WooCommerce

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Bolt is the ultimate checkout solution for WooCommerce sellers.

Bolt is on a mission to perfect the checkout experience for online retailers and make sure nothing gets in the way of a shopper’s decision to buy. We provide the industry’s fastest checkout, optimized for any device and with a unique approach to fraud detection that approves more good orders.

At this time, Bolt is able to work with merchants doing $3M+ in annual online credit card volume.


  • Fewer fields at checkout, getting customers to the finish line faster.
  • Made for mobile to give your shoppers the best checkout experience.
  • More behavioral data powered by machine learning and reviewed by humans to analyze potential fraudsters.

Why do WooCommerce users love Bolt?

  • Lift conversion: Drive a massive lift in completed orders with Bolt’s conversion-optimized checkout.
  • Made for mobile: Bolt’s mobile checkout eliminates scrolling and minimizes user input, making it the fastest way for users to purchase on the move.
  • Zero fraud guarantee: Eliminate your fraud costs: no more chargebacks, third-party fraud tools, or manual review required, giving you the freedom to focus on your business.
  • Conversion-focused fraud engine: Eliminate lost revenue from false positives by approving more good customers with Bolt’s precision fraud capabilities.
  • Boost customer LTV: Single-click checkout for seamless repeat purchases.
  • Bank-level security: Bolt is PCI DSS Level I compliant.

Simplify (and speed up) your site with a single solution — BOLT

Bolt takes issues that usually required 3+ tools and solves them with one.

  • Checkout UI / optimization tools: Bolt is a world-class checkout for WooCommerce. We relentlessly A/B test across the Bolt Network, and our highest performing updates automatically deploy to your site.
  • A payment processor: No need to install Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, or other tools. Bolt handles all payment processing for credit and debit cards.
  • Fraud scoring or fraud detection software: Bolt leads the industry with its precision fraud engine. Say goodbye to setting up order blocking rules or buying expensive third-party solutions — we have you covered.
  • Manual fraud review: Don’t spend hours reviewing orders. Bolt’s team of risk experts reviews each flagged order, freeing up time for you to focus on your business.
  • Chargeback representment tools: All representment, including for non-fraud chargebacks, is coordinated by Bolt.

* Percentage increase in mobile conversion rates compares Bolt checkout completion rates across online retail partners from Aug 6 – Sep 4, 2018 to compiled benchmarks from, Barilliance, Formisimo, and the Baymard Institute.

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