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Import Export Suite pour WooCommerce

Migrez ou mettez à jour toutes vos données WooCommerce avec l’extension tout-en-un Import Export Suite pour WooCommerce.

Migrate and Update All Your WooCommerce Data

Import Export Suite for WooCommerce is an all-in-one WooCommerce import and export plugin that allows you to migrate or update all your WooCommerce data. This includes the default WooCommerce fields, custom fields, and hidden metadata in bulk or based on your selection.

Import Export Suite for WooCommerce lets you import and export WooCommerce products (all product types), product reviews, orders, coupons, subscriptions, and customers with the help of a .csv or .xml file. This makes it easy and efficient to migrate data from one WooCommerce store to another or update the data within the same store.

Advanced features for Import and Export of WooCommerce Data

Key features of WooCommerce Import Export Suite

The features of the plugin enable a store owner to quickly and easily populate and, or update WooCommerce data and get all the existing data exported to a .csv or .xml file. The plugin offers extended WooCommerce import-export functionality. It includes advanced features like scheduling imports and exports so that the process runs in the background while users are working on other parts of the website.

The suite stores the history of all imports and exports. It enables you to re-run the same import/export or view all the data related to the process. Debug logs in the plugin provide details that help you troubleshoot if any process fails.

All-in-One Import Export Suite for WooCommerce

You can import and export all product types, product reviews, customers, orders, coupons, and subscriptions.

Select a post type to export

Multiple Methods for Import/Export of WooCommerce Data

Import or Export WooCommerce store data using multiple methods such as Quick, Advanced, and Pre-saved templates. You can also choose to import from or export to Local storage, URL, and FTP.

Multiple methods for import

Multiple File Formats for Import and Export

This WooCommerce Import Export Suite plugin supports both CSV and XML formats for importing and exporting data in WooCommerce.

Choose CSV or XML file formats when exporting data

Schedule or Automate Import and Export Actions 

Configure automated import or export by scheduling them at your preferred time intervals and run the process in the background while you work elsewhere on your site or even if you leave your site completely. 

Configure scheduled import/export to take place at regular intervals by providing the starting time and intervals between import/export. You can create and manage multiple FTP profiles for either one-time or scheduled migrations. 

Securely Migrate User/Customer Data with Their Passwords

Retain WordPress user password on import

You can ensure the secure migration of users’/customers’ data with their encrypted passwords and retain the original password on the website you migrate to. When migrating your users’ or customers’ data to a new website, you have the option to notify them about the data transfer through email. This helps you adhere to legal requirements and ensure that your users are informed when their data is being transferred.

Note: The plugin also allows you to import or export membership data created by the WooCommerce membership plugin. For more information, refer to this documentation.

Auto-Generate Product Descriptions Using ChatGPT

The plugin allows you to integrate ChatGPT API to create product descriptions when importing products. It will automatically generate product descriptions for items without descriptions. You can choose different language tones (formal, casual, flowery, or convincing) for generating product descriptions. 

Setting to add ChatGPT credentials to create product descriptions while importing for products without descriptions.

This feature helps you enhance your product catalog and ensure your newly imported products don’t miss out on product descriptions.

Other Features of WooCommerce Import Export Suite

Import and export custom fields (meta) and hidden metadata

Add custom meta fields

Bulk update all WooCommerce data

Update if products exists

Various filters enable the custom export of data

Filter data when exporting WooCommerce order

Export data to a local device or an FTP location

Enable FTP export option

Maintain a history of all the import and export processes

Import Export History

View debug logs for troubleshooting

Import Logs page

View log details

Import Export Suite for WooCommerce will save hours you would otherwise spend transferring a WooCommerce store’s data from one store to another. It can run the imports and exports on a scheduled basis, allowing store owners to work on other issues.


This WooCommerce import export suite plugin offers an all-in-one solution that will help import and export multiple WooCommerce post types, including products, product reviews, customers, orders, subscriptions, and coupons. The plugin adds advanced features that allow quick and effortless data transfer to and from a WooCommerce website.Credits
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