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Free Shipping Progress Bar - Free shipping over amount

Show a Free Shipping Bar on Your Store & Offer Free Shipping Over a Certain Amount to Encourage Customers to Buy More! 

Add A Free Shipping Bar To Your Pages

Free shipping is an offer every customer wants to take advantage of. With the WooCommerce free shipping over amount plugin, you can display a Free Shipping Bar on your store to encourage your customers to buy more from your store. This way, you can increase your store sales more than ever. 

WooCommerce free shipping bar is displayed on all pages, encouraging customers to shop more to save on shipping. Customize the bar to target countries where you incur lower shipping charges. This plugin allows you to use multiple styles and customization options to make the bar look attractive and appealing.

Furthermore, the store admin can offer a discount on all the shipping methods and also display a progress bar that can help customers know the required cart value to avail of free shipping. Displaying a free shipping bar on mobile can also increase store revenue.


  • Add ‘Free Shipping’ bar
  • Enable country restrictions
  • Change shipping bar style
  • Offer discounts on all shipping methods
  • Set shipping bar positioning (top or bottom)
  • Project the bar on mobiles as well
  • Display progress for free shipping
  • Customize display message on the bar
  • Display bar on a specific page
  • You can use this plugin in conjunction with Woocommerce Custom Shipping Icons
This Plugin is fully compatible with HPOS(High-Performance Order Storage) and Multisite.

Offer Free Delivery Over A Certain Amount

The WooCommerce free shipping over amount plugin allows you to offer free shipping to your customers if they purchase over a certain amount. It motivates customers to increase their order value to avail the free shipping.

Offer Free Delivery Over A Certain Amount

Display bar to convey ‘Free Shipping’

Display WooCommerce free shipping bar on your website to spread the word that your store offers free shipping. You can also link the details to the bar to let customers know how to avail the offer.

Display bar to convey ‘Free Shipping’

Restrict bar to specific Countries

With the free shipping bar WooCommerce, you can confine the display of the bar to specific countries so that only the targeted customers can get to know the offer.

Restrict bar to specific Countries

Beautify the bar with styles

The free shipping progress bar for WooCommerce provides you with multiple styles to make the ‘Free Shipping’ bar stand out on the product or CMS page for maximum exposure and usability.

Beautify the bar with styles

Giveaway shipping discounts

The free shipping bar for WooCommerce helps you attract customers to shop around by offering a discount on all of the shipping methods. You can set fixed or percentage-based discounts.

WooCommerce shipping bar - Giveaway shipping discounts

Set the position of the bar

This WooCommerce free shipping over a certain amount plugin allows you to set the bar on the top or bottom of a page. Choose the commonly viewed position of your WooCommerce store’s page.

Set the position of the bar

Mobile responsive bar

By using the WooCommerce free shipping bar plugin, you can enable the bar for mobile users so they have a mobile-friendly view of the offer or promotion.

Responsive view of Shipping Bar

Display a progress bar too

Add a  ‘Progress bar’ that communicates customers’ advancement towards availing of the ‘Free Shipping’ with the free shipping progress bar WooCommerce.

Display a progress bar too

Create scenario-specific messages

The WooCommerce free shipping over amount plugin enables you to customize messages for the bar according to the scenarios, such as successful completion of free shipping or halfway towards it.

Create scenario-specific messages

Display bar on a specific page

Select the pages where you want to display free shipping offers. You can choose to show them on all pages or just on the shop, product, or cart page.

Display bar on a specific page


  • Increases your average order value
  • Encourages customers to buy more to get free shipping
  • The best way to offer free shipping as a marketing tool
  • Attracts more customers to your store
  • Enhances your store’s user experience


1. How does the WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar plugin work?

It displays the free shipping bar and encourages customers to purchase more to increase the order value to qualify for free shipping.

2. Can I restrict the display of the free shipping bar to specific countries?

Yes, WooCommerce free shipping over amount plugin allows you to restrcit the shipping bar to specific countries to target your audience effectively.

3. Can I display the free shipping bar on specific pages of my WooCommerce store?

Yes, you can display in whole store or choose the specific pages on which you want to display the free shipping bar. These pages includes shop, product and cart page.


Our plugins are designed to be highly versatile and also compatible with the most commonly used themes, browsers, builders, and mobile views. We understand the importance of flexibility and integration when it comes to enhancing your website’s functionality. Our plugins can effortlessly integrate with the following:

Themes Compatibility

  • Store Front
  • Avada
  • Flatsome
  • Porto
  • Woodmart
  • WooCommerce default theme
  • Divi


  • Elementor
  • Bakery
  • Divi

Also Compatible with

  • Mobile Layouts

Get started

  1. Purchase Free Shipping Bar for WooCommerce from
  2. Download and install the extension.
  3. Activate the extension.
  4. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Free Shipping Bar to add rules to enable upload file for customers.
  5. Read the full installation guide here


Minimum PHP version: 5.2


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