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Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce

Quantity-based discounts, advanced pricing on the product page, order quantity limits, role-based pricing, import\export, and many more. Motivate your customers to purchase higher quantities to earn a discount, making you sell more.

  • Quantity-based discounts (volume pricing): flat prices or percentage discounts for different quantities of products.
  • Role-based pricing: different prices for user roles or specific customers, including quantity-based prices and quantity limits.
  • Built-in min\max\group-of quantity limits. No need to use 3rd-party plugins.
  • Various templates to display pricing: table, options, blocks, dropdown, horizontal table, plain text, and tooltip.
  • Real-time price changes on the product page: the price updates immediately depending on the selected quantity.
  • Cart upsells: motivate users to purchase more to get a discount, showing how many they need to add more to get a new tier discount.
  • Hide prices and prevent from purchasing for guests.
  • Works great with variable products: have individual tables for every variation.
  • Import & Export (WP All Import supported): all tiered pricing data, including role-based pricing, can be imported.
  • [tiered-pricing-table] shortcode and Gutenberg block available.
  • Works great with Elementor, WooCommerce Subscriptions, Product Add-ons, Product Bundles and many other popular plugins.

Tiered pricing makes your product page dynamic 🚀


Each quantity change updates prices accordingly:

Dynamic Tiered Pricing Table on the product page.

How you set tiered pricing


You can set up new prices in two places: directly on the edit product page or by creating a global pricing rule.

1) Product level rules.

Here, you can set up tiered pricing for each product individually. Just enter a quantity and desired price or percentage discount:

Tiered Pricing backend set up.

Add as many tiers as you need.

Here, you can also configure quantity limits (minimum, maximum, and group of quantity.)

Each product can also configure flexible advance options such as the pricing template (layout) or quantity unit name (kg, box, pack, etc):

Role-based rules

If you have users that have special pricing, for example, wholesalers – just choose its role and set unique pricing for them:

Role based tiered pricing for woocommerce

For any user’s role, you can set individual pricing:

  • New base price or percentage discount based on original price
  • Tiered pricing (flat or percentage discounts)
  • Quantity limits (minimum, maximum, and group-of quantity)

Every feature, including role-based pricing, works perfectly with variable products, allowing you to create unique pricing for any product variant.

2)  Global pricing rules

Global rules are helpful when you need to provide custom pricing for a bunch of products and apply it to a specific group of users.

Here you can:

  1. Set up custom regular, sale price, and tiered pricing.
  2. Select products or categories for which the rule will work (you can also add exclusions).
  3. Select users or user roles for which the rule will work (you can also add exclusions).
  4. Specify the minimum, maximum, and quantity groups for the products in the rule.

Global rules can apply to many products and can be configured to calculate tiered pricing based on all its products. (Mix and Match).

This allows you to create pricing when 10pcs of product A + 10pcs of product B calculates their tiered pricing based on the total of 20 pieces.

Rules can be suspended and reactivated in one click, which may be useful for limited sale periods, such as Black Friday.

How tiered pricing looks for your customers

After you set up pricing ranges on the admin side, the pricing will automatically appear on the product page.

When someone chooses a particular quantity, the total price will immediately adjust, given the discount and indicating the cost per piece.

The pricing block can be shown in various places on the product page. The plugin provides a shortcode, Gutenberg block, and integration with Elementor so that everyone will find a proper place for it on the product page.

Available various display options for pricing:

  • Pricing table
  • Pricing blocks
  • Pricing options
  • Pricing dropdown
  • Pricing horizontal table
  • Pricing in a tooltip

Pricing option, pricing blocks, pricing table


Pricing displays correctly at other places in your store (e.g., the catalog page, related products, widgets, etc.).

You can choose how to show pricing on those places: 

  • Price range: from minimum to maximum price per piece
  • The minimal cost with a prefix (e.g., “from $10.00” or “as low as $10.00”)

Lowest price possible. Or price ranges


When users enter the cart, they’ll see the crossed-out price (regular and per quantity they purchase).

Upsells in cart. Tiered Pricing discount in cart

Plugin settings

The plugin has plenty of settings you can play with:

  • Choose the template for tiered pricing, adjust colors, pricing position, labels, and titles.
  • You can choose how to show the price on the product page: total price, actual tier price, a pricing range, and more.
  • Control how you want to show tiered pricing in the cart: as a discount or as the actual price; enable cart upsells.
  • Choose how to show tiered pricing in the catalog: as a price range or the lowest price with a custom prefix. e.g. “From $10.00”
  • Control calculation logic: Calculate discounts based on regular or sale prices; consider product variations as one product when calculating tiered pricing discounts; round prices after percentage discount reductions, etc.

The plugin utilizes the theme’s styles, meaning the original theme’s look and feel (colors, fonts, etc.) will automatically be applied to the Pricing Table.

You only need to specify the position on the product page and the accent color.

Tiered Pricing works perfectly for all WordPress themes


Question: Will the Tiered Pricing Table for WooCommerce work with my theme?
Answer: Yes!
Tiered Pricing Table inherits the styles from your theme, so it looks natural with any theme.

Question: Can I use tiered pricing rules for manually made (admin-made) orders?
Answer: Yes!
Each order has the “recalculate with tiered pricing” button, which recalculates the cost according to the tiered pricing rules.

Question: Does tiered pricing affect the site speed?
Answer: The plugin includes the cache system to provide the best performance possible.