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AutomateWoo – Refer A Friend 2.5: WhatsApp sharing and more

Written by Magnus on October 22, 2019 Blog, Product News.

Today, we’re excited to release some new features and improvements to the AutomateWoo – Refer A Friend add-on in version 2.5.

Share via WhatsApp 

Refer A Friend now includes a Share via WhatsApp feature that allows customers to refer their friends quickly via WhatsApp from a mobile or desktop browser.

When the integration is enabled the Share via WhatsApp button will be shown on the share page and in the share widget.

Storing referral codes after expiration

Referral codes are the unique codes that advocates use to invite their friends to your store. Previously, Refer A Friend deleted referral codes immediately after they expired but in version 2.5 they will be maintained for 90 days. Keeping a record of these codes makes it easier for store owners to manage their referral program and identify advocates who may be violating the terms of the program.

Privacy – Hiding referred customer names from advocates 

Refer A Friend allows advocates to view a list of orders they have referred in the WooCommerce account area. In 2.5, we’ve added an option to hide customer names from this view which prevents advocates from knowing who they have referred.

Other changes in this version:

  • Orders with a total of $0 are no longer prevented from being counted as referrals
  • Error handling when sending our invite emails in the background has been improved
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent store credit from being refunded when used on a cancelled/failed/refunded order

What’s coming next

We are currently working on a “copy to clipboard” feature which allows customers to view and quickly copy their referral coupon or link for direct sharing. We’re planning to release this feature in the next version!

Please share any feedback you might have on this release and remember to vote for the features you want on the AutomateWoo ideas board.