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AutomateWoo 4.8 – New WooCommerce Subscriptions Features, Mailchimp Tags, Performance Improvements and more

December 10, 2019 - 1 Comment

I’m excited to announce version 4.8 of AutomateWoo will be dropping this week! This release is packed with new features and significant performance improvements.

Note: If you have developed custom triggers for AutomateWoo, be sure to read the section on Optimizing async events below.

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AutomateWoo – Refer A Friend 2.5: WhatsApp sharing and more

October 22, 2019 - Leave a comment

Today, we’re excited to release some new features and improvements to the AutomateWoo – Refer A Friend add-on in version 2.5.

Share via WhatsApp 

Refer A Friend now includes a Share via WhatsApp feature that allows customers to refer their friends quickly via WhatsApp from a mobile or desktop browser.

When the integration is enabled the Share via WhatsApp button will be shown on the share page and in the share widget.

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