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Increase Online Sales with Creative Mail

Escrito por Kathryn Marr on novembro 23, 2020 Blog, Email Marketing, Marketing.

eCommerce is on the rise. Some major retailers saw eCommerce sales nearly double during the pandemic while the industry as a whole is expected to grow by 20% in a single year. And if you own a WooCommerce store, you’ve already built a great foundation to make the most of this recent growth.

But you’ll need more than an online store to find success.

Shopper communication is a critical piece of generating sales, fulfilling orders, and creating loyal customers. And for busy store owners, automation is key to engaging buyers, updating them on order statuses, and following up after a sale is made.

Creative Mail is an excellent way to automate WooCommerce emails, providing everything you need for branding, marketing, subscriptions, and more. Let’s take a look at how they can help you capitalize on 2020 growth.

Seamless WooCommerce integration

Creative Mail provides deep integration with WooCommerce and WordPress. Automatically add contacts from orders and forms, easily feature your products in emails, and re-engage previous shoppers who haven’t made a purchase in a while. 

There’s no need to import CSV files or manually add products — it’s all taken care of for you.

GIF showing how to create an email

Custom transactional emails

Transactional emails are related to a customer’s purchase or account — order confirmations, shipping updates, etc. — and have eight times the open rate of traditional marketing emails. 

You’re able to get in front of a lot more people with transactional emails. Make the most of them! With Creative Mail, you can design beautiful, branded emails that automatically pull in order and customer information from your WooCommerce store.

Automated workflows

Create a “welcome” email series that will engage customers based on actions they take on your site. Walk your shoppers through a multi-step journey that will help them find success with your products, leave a positive review, or make additional purchases down the road.

This is a very personal way to connect with customers and keep them from falling off your grid. And the best part? With Creative Mail, you can set it and forget it! There’s no ongoing maintenance required.

email options in Creative Mail

Excellent deliverability

Your emails can’t be successful if they never end up in your customers’ inboxes. Because many email marketing tools require complicated SMTP solutions or external gateways, they use less-than-stellar IPs that can cause your emails to bounce.

But since Creative Mail uses Constant Contact’s rock-solid infrastructure, you benefit from superior deliverability — an industry-leading 97% deliverability rate.

Management from the WordPress dashboard

After installing the Creative Mail extension, you can manage everything directly from the WordPress dashboard. There’s no need to log into multiple accounts or switch between windows. You also don’t need to worry about API keys or an SMTP server — it just works seamlessly with your WooCommerce store.

Get started with Creative Mail

During the busy holiday season, make the most of email marketing and transactional emails with the Creative Mail extension. Keep customers engaged before and after their purchase, drive more sales, save time with easy automation, and do it all from the dashboard you’re already familiar with.

Get started with Creative Mail.

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