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Use Order Bump for WooCommerce to show customers last-minute product offers, and add value to their purchase while increasing your average order value!

Why use Order Bump?

1. Increases your average order size

When a customer accepts an Order Bump offer, they’ll spend more than they’d initially planned to spend.

2. Improves customer experience

Displaying targeted, customized offers based on customers’ current cart contents improves the overall customer experience, which means more customer loyalty.

3. Attracts New Customers

Customers who have benefited from the Order Bump are likely to refer new users to your site.

How does it work?

Order Bump

Order Bumps are last-minute offers presented to the users on the checkout page. These offers are generally applicable to the entire cart. You can present offers like Express Delivery, Purchase Protection, etc using Order Bumps.


A customer buying a mobile phone proceeds to the checkout page. There they’ll see a one-time discount on an additional 1 year warranty for the mobile phone:

Single Order Bump on Checkout Page

If the shopper wants to accept the offer, checking the “Add to my Order” box automatically adds the item to the cart at the discounted price.

Single Order Bump Accepted on Checkout Page

Optionally, you can also present multiple Order Bumps to your users, Your users can accept any number of Order Bump offers in a single transaction.

Multiple Order Bump on Checkout Page

Multiple Order Bump Accepted on Checkout Page

Upsell Funnels

Upsell Funnels are last-minute offers on products presented to the users on the checkout page. The offer products can be products related to the items in the cart.


A customer buying a mobile phone proceeds to the checkout page. There they’ll see a one-time discount on the accessories for the mobile phone:

Upsell Offers on Checkout Page

Accepted Upsell Offers in Checkout Page


Site Admin can get insights on the following data for Order Bumps and Upsell Funnels,

– Visit Count

– Order Count

– Revenue Earned

– Conversion Rate

Order Bump Reports

Upsell Funnel Reports


  • Multiple discount types: Offer deals with percentage discounts, fixed discounts, or fixed prices.
  • Customizable design templates: Order Bump includes 20 customizable templates, which you can swap at any time.
  • Choice of display positions: Choose to display Order Bumps in one of four different positions on the checkout page.
  • Detailed reports: The Reports section gives you key information for each Order Bump, including the visitor count, order count, conversion rate, and revenue earned.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6

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