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Avoid misunderstandings with customers by clearly displaying warnings and disclaimers next to products.
Set your customers at ease be ensuring customers have all the information they need before buying.

  • Add warnings and disclaimers as a text or a popup.
  • Show warnings based on product categories and tags.
  • Add an unlimited number of warnings.
  • Customize the design of the warning with the icons we provide or use your own.
  • Choose the type of warning from the following:
    • Text — Under the product description.
    • Text — Under the product title.
    • Popup — Warning popup.
    • Popup — Success popup.
    • Popup — Error popup.
    • Popup — Informative popup.
    • Popup — Custom popup (with your own icons).



The plugin will allow you to add warnings, information, and disclaimers to your product pages. They can appear as a popup or a message under the product title or description.


Minimum PHP version: 5.2

Add custom warnings & disclaimers to your products and avoid any misunderstandings or refunds by your customers before buying.

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