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B2B for WooCommerce

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WooCommerce B2B extension is a complete wholesale solution that allows you to optimize your store for both B2B and B2C customers. Featured in WooCommerce staff picks and trusted by thousands of customers. No need to set up a separate store for your B2B and wholesale customers.

WooCommerce B2B extension is an ultimate wholesale solution built by integrating our 5 best-selling extensions and additional B2B features to make it a complete wholesale package.

Why Buy B2B for WooCommerce?

B2B for WooCommerce has more mature features as the extension is built by integrating our 5 standalone best-selling extensions worth of over $300 and additional B2B features. Instead of just offering basic features for advertising, this extension goes in-depth and provides more freedom to B2B merchants.

Our passion to serve the B2B market has allowed us to give special attention to our B2B extension. We are continuously improving, adding new features, and integrating new extensions that are relevant to B2B customers.

Features of WooCommerce B2B:

  • Extend the default registration form to accept B2B registrations.
  • Add a user roles dropdown and extra fields to the default registration form.
  • Add multiple types of registration fields (Dropdown, text, multi-select, radio-button, etc)
  • Manually review and approve new B2B user registrations.
  • Enable default registration fields
  • Hide products and categories based on user roles.
  • Hide prices and add to cart button
  • Hide for guest users, specific user roles, or specific products & categories
  • Option replace “add to cart” button with a “quote” button
  • Add a mini-quote dropdown and customize quote form fields.
  • Add offered price option with quotation
  • Add unlimited fields to quote submission form
  • Convert quote to order
  • Configure different prices for different user roles
  • Set tiered pricing based on user roles & customers
  • Import prices using CSV file
  • Add user role and customer specific pricing
  • Apply role-based pricing to special or standard prices
  • Add cart discount rules to offer fixed or percentage discount (New)
  • Offer discount on entire cart or specific products in cart (New)
  • Add discount based on cart quantity or amount (New)
  • Display prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes based on user roles.
  • Tax-exempt specific customers and user roles
  • Restrict shipping methods by user roles
  • Restrict payment methods by user roles
  • Restrict order amount and quantity based on user roles and customers
  • Translation ready

See detailed features below

B2B customer registration

Turn your default registration form into a full-fledged B2B and B2C registration form. Add checkboxes, radio buttons, file upload options, dropdown menus, and seven other types of custom fields to collect extra information from B2B (and B2C) customers. Keep your registration form clean by showing fields only when needed, and choose whether to manually review and approve B2B registration requests. B2B Registration is also available as a standalone product here.

Fields Dependable to Roles

Product visibility by user roles

With WooCommerce B2B extension, you can hide products and categories from specific user roles, and display a custom error message when someone tries to access a restricted product or a category with a direct link.  Hide or show products and categories to particular user roles to optimize your catalog visibility for B2B customers. You can also hide products and categories from guest (non-logged-in) users.  Product Visibility by User Roles is also available as a standalone product, you can buy it from here.

B2B Product Visibility by User Role

Different Prices for Different User Roles:

With Role based Pricing feature, you can configure different prices for different user roles and customers. Limit minimum & maximum order quantity for each user role. B2B for WooCommerce offers 5 different pricing adjustments which are as follows,

  • Set a fixed price
  • Percentage increase
  • Percentage decrease
  • Fixed increase
  • Fixed decrease

Different prices for different user roles is also available as a standalone role-based pricing extension here.

Product Level Settings:

You can adjust your product prices for each user role and customer from the product edit page. You can add multiple rows to add different prices for different customers, user roles and quantity ranges (tiered pricing).

Rule-Based Bulk Price Settings:

With rule-based management, you can adjust prices in bulk for specific products and categories. You can add multiple rows to add different prices for different customers, user roles and quantity ranges (tiered pricing).

Tiered pricing based on user roles:

WooCommerce B2B extension comes with a built-in tiered/volume pricing feature that allows you to set different prices for different quantities and assign them to specific customers and user roles. You can enable/disable tiered pricing table from extension settings.

Customize table, error message and enforce quantity:

You can customize the table text by using variables for minimum quantity, maximum quantity, and price. You can also choose to enforce the minimum and maximum quantity so that a customer cannot order beyond the predefined limit. If you don’t enforce it, the base price will be applied to all units.

Apply discounts on standard or special price:

You can choose to apply the role-based pricing on special or standard prices. For example, you have already have a special price offering a 15% discount on a product, you might want the role-based 20% discount to be applied on the standard price instead of the special price.

Import prices using CSV file

With WooCommerce B2B extension, you can import role based and customer specific pricing using a CSV file. Import prices of each product and variation using a pre-defined CSV file format.

Cart Discount Rules:

Along with Role based product pricing, you can also add discounts on cart level using our B2B for WooCommerce extension. While adding cart discount rule you can customize following options,

  • Add discount rule title
  • Apply discount to entire cart or specific products in cart
  • Apply discount based on quantity or amount range
  • Set different discounts for different user roles
  • Add discount in percentage or fixed amount
  • Enable and show pre and after discount messages
  • Add discount start and end date to promotion schedule rules

Request a quote & hide prices

WooCommerce B2B comes with a powerful “request a quote” feature for hiding prices from specific user roles and replacing their “add to cart” buttons with an “Add to Quote” button. Customers will be able to request quotes for multiple products and ask for price estimates. Request a quote is also available as a standalone product here.

You can:

  • Hide prices and “add to cart” buttons for specific products.
  • Replace prices with custom text.
  • Hide prices only for guests and specific user roles.
  • Customize quote form fields.
  • View quotes submitted by customers from the backend.

Prices & Tax Display:

You can now choose to display prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes based on user roles. For example, you can choose to display prices inclusive of taxes to general customers and inclusive of taxes to wholesalers.

Tax exemption:

You can tax-exempt specific customers and user roles. Once the customers are tax exempted, you can choose to automatically remove the tax or enable a checkout to let customers remove the tax on per order basis. As sometimes, not all orders by a specific customer are eligible for tax exemption. Tax Exempt for WooCommerce is also available as a standalone extension

Store admin can also display tax exemption request form on “My Account” to let customers submit tax exemption requests.


The admin can manually review and approve these requests. The admin can also choose to auto-approve these requests.

A custom message can be displayed on the checkout page to notify users that tax exemption is available and they can submit a request. Admin can choose to display this message to guest users and specific user roles.


Restrict shipping methods by user roles:

You can enable/disable shipping methods for each user roles. This feature enables you to manage your shipping methods for B2B and B2C customers.

Restrict Payment methods by user roles:

You can enable/disable payment methods for each user roles. This feature enables you to configure different payment methods for B2B and B2C customers.

Order amount and quantity restrictions by user roles:

With this feature, you can limit order amount and quantity based on user roles and customers. This feature allow merchants to limit the customers from purchasing below or beyond the specific order amount and quantity. Apply limitation on cart sub-total or total amount.

Detailed feature list:

Registration features:

  • Add unlimited extra fields to your registration form
  • Add fields to WordPress and WooCommerce signup forms
  • Show field data on a user’s “My Account” page and in registration emails
  • Choose from 14 field types
  • Show specific or all custom fields in admin order detail page and order email
  • Choose whether to display a “user roles” dropdown menu on your registration form
  • Display all or specific user roles in the dropdown
  • Select from auto or manual approval for user roles
  • Manually approve new user registrations
  • Send automated email notifications to admins and customers
  • Compatible with all third-party user role extensions
  • Add fields dependable to user roles
  • Enable default registration fields

Products visibility by user role:

  • Hide products by user roles
  • Hide categories by user roles
  • Hide products & categories for guest users
  • Redirect blocked users to another URL or show a custom error message

Request a quote and hide price:

  • Create a complete quotation management system
  • Display “Add to Quote” on selected products
  • Show quote button for guests and selected user roles
  • Option to Replace “Add to Cart” with the new “Quote” or a custom button & link
  • Option to hide price and replace with custom text
  • Add multiple products to quote basket
  • Keep products in a mini quote basket just like a mini cart
  • Customize Quote button text
  • Add unlimited fields to the quote submission form (New)
  • Ability to sort fields and make them mandatory or option
  • Supports multiple field types (Text, email, number, dropdown, checkbox and more) (New)
  • Automatic email notifications for admin & customers
  • Customize quote submission messages
  • Redirect after quote form submission
  • Attach quote to multiple menus
  • Assign quote status (Pending, in process, canceled, etc) (New)
  • Send email notifications to the customer on status change (New)
  • Create quotes from the backend and email them to customers (New)
  • Convert quote into order (New)
  • Allow customers to offer price (New)
  • Option to show standard price in quote basket, my account, and quote emails (New)
  • Edit price and covert quote into order (New)
  • Disable request a quote button for specific product variation (New)
  • Option to override and customize email templates, quote basket, and quote detail page (New)
  • Compatible with page builder plugins (see the documentation for details)

Role-based pricing

  • Adjust pricing for individual customers and user roles
  • Set a fixed product price
  • Increase price by fixed or percentage amount
  • Discount price by fixed or percentage amount
  • Change prices on the product level
  • Add rules to change prices in bulk for specific products or categories
  • Compatible with product variations
  • Set minimum & maximum order quantity
  • Replace original price in case of price increase
  • Strikethrough old price and show the new price as a special price
  • Configure start & end date for each price rules
  • Hide price & add to cart for not logged in and specific user roles &
  • Replace price with custom text
  • Replace add to cart with a new custom button & link 
  • Set role-based pricing application on standard or special prices
  • Ability to import customer and role based prices using a CSV file

Tiered pricing by user roles:

  • Setup volume-based discounts by user roles and individual customers
  • Works with both simple and variable products
  • Show/hide pricing table
  • Customize pricing table text
  • Enforce minimum and maximum quantity

Tax Exempt Features:

  • Allow all or selected user roles to claim tax exemption
  • Display tax exemption form in “my account”
  • Customize form fields
  • Display tax exemption status in “my account” – pending, rejected or approved
  • The store admin can review tax exemption requests from the back-office users’ section.
  • The store admin can approve/disapprove tax exemption requests
  • Add expiry date for tax exemption
  • Email notifications for admin when the tax exemption form is submitted
  • Email notification for customers on approval & rejection of tax exemption requests
  • Display tax exemption detail in admin order detail page, customers order detail page, and order email
  • Admin can grand tax exemption status to selected customers from the back-office (no need to submit tax info)
  • Allow guest users to claim tax exemption
  • Customize notification messages

Cart amount and quantity restriction:

  • Limit order amount and quantity based on user roles and customers
  • Add minimum and maximum quantity and amount range
  • Display customizable restriction message on cart or checkout

Other features:

  • Restrict shipping methods by users roles
  • Restrict payment methods by user roles
  • Display prices inclusive or exclusive of taxes based on user roles.


Does the plugin save fields on my account page?

Yes, your customer can find these finds in “My Account” page

Can I create multiple registration forms using this plugin?

No, this plugin only adds fields to the default WooCommerce registration form.

Does the product visibility feature hide category links from the menu?

Currently, it does not hide links from the menu, we are working to include this in upcoming version, as soon as we do, we will update it here.

5 included extensions list:

Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce

Products Visibility by User Roles

Role Based Pricing for WooCommerce

Request a Quote for WooCommerce

Tax Exempt for WooCommerce