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DBargain Price Negotiation Tool  

DBargain is an effective tool to negotiate on the price of the product or service and can be integrated with WooCommerce to boost sales at the same time cutting down the need for Human Resources.

  • With email notifications, store owners can see all accepted and pending bargain requests
  • Customers will also be notified via email when their bargain requests are accepted or rejected.
  • A dramatic increase in conversion rates
  • Customers spend more time exploring stores, searching for products they can bargain for
  • An increase in average page view time improves the store’s SEO ranking
  • Significant insights into customer behaviors and shopping patterns

Let Sellers Name Their Price

DBargain allows customers to negotiate prices in WooCommerce stores.

The buying experience becomes more exciting and interactive for buyers and store owners. Buyers have more fun, and store owners gain insights into their buyers.

Negotiating prices gives owners valuable insights into the true value of their products.
What do buyers want to pay? Negotiating reveals the bottom line.

Smart Bargain

Smart bargain allows you as a store owner to set a few price options lower than the original price, and the customer will be able to bargain between those prices. DBargain will act accordingly within set parameters and will accept or reject the bargaining request.

Traditional Bargaining

With the Traditional Bargaining option, the store owner can directly handle bargaining requests and decide to accept or reject them.