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Per Product Shipping for WooCommerce

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Define separate shipping costs per product which are combined at checkout to provide a total shipping cost.

This is a fantastic solution if your store is selling one-off, heavy or large products which require additional shipping, unlike the rest of your catalog, or if you only have a few products with set shipping fees.

  • Add costs to the other shipping methods, or used as a standalone shipping method.
  • Define line and per-item costs per product or per variation.
  • Define different shipping costs for products, based on customer location.
  • Import and export rates via the built-in simple CSV handler.
  • Use as a standalone shipping method, where the final cost is the sum of all product costs.
  • -or- add per-product costs to other shipping methods

How Per-Product Shipping can be used

Per-Product Shipping can be used in two ways:

  1. Multiple Shipping Methods: If enabled, rates can be applied in addition to your other shipping methods. For example: If your store offered a bulky product that you wanted to set up with extra shipping fees, you could create a fee to be added to that specific product. If you had multiple items in your cart, two kinds of shipping would be represented in one cost — a) your default shipping costs for the other items in the cart, and b) the shipping cost of the bulky item.
  2. Standalone Method: In this scenario the ‘per-product shipping’ is the default shipping method. In this case, all product costs are added together to form a single rate. When the Standalone method is chosen, no other shipping methods are offered.


Need guidance? Check out the comprehensive documentation to learn everything you need to know about the Per Product Shipping extension.

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