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Price Text for WooCommerce allows you to add text before and/or after the price to communicate important information about product pricing, including pricing unit, offers, wholesale, retail price, and more. Help your customers make purchase decisions with more detailed information.


  • Add text before price.
  • Add text after price.
  • Add text for individual products from product edit sheet.
  • Create rules to add text in bulk for:
    • Specific products.
    • Product categories.
    • Product tags.
    • Price range.
    • User roles.
  • Customize text color, font family, and font size.
  • Show text on product detail page and/or archive pages.

Add different text for different products and user roles in bulk

Price Text comes with a powerful rule-based management system to add different text for different products, categories, and user roles.

While creating rules, you can specify following details:

  • Rule name.
  • Priority.
  • User roles restriction.
  • Specify products by:
    • Individual products.
    • Product categories.
    • Product tags.
    • Price range.
  • Before and after price text.
  • Customize text color, font size, and font family.
  • Choose to show text only on shop or product pages.

Add text from product edit sheet

You can text before and after price from the product edit sheet to inform customers about your product prices.

The extension enables you to add different text for each variation.

General Settings

Customize the following settings:

  • Show text on listing pages.
  • Show text on product pages.
  • Select font size and color.
  • Select font family or specify your custom font family name.

Price text settings

Examples of Before Price Text

  • $5.00 per unit.
  • $5.00 per sqm.
  • $5.00 per bottle.
  • $5.00 per box.
  • $5.00 with free delivery.
  • $5.00 only.

Examples of After Price Text

  • Buy Now for $5.00.
  • Starting from $5.00.
  • VIP customers price $5.00.
  • Limited Time Offer $5.00.
  • Introductory Price $5.00.
  • Wholesale price $5.

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