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1. Vendor Software Suggestions: Please add a custom fee option available to charge vendors.

1. Vendor Software Suggestion:
Please add a custom fee option available to charge vendors.
If any site is going to use the vendor software, it may seem a basic need to have a function for the site owner to charge vendors a fee.
When we look at other site examples that have vendors, they almost all show the fees they charge to vendors for selling on their sites.
It just seems like a common feature that would come with this software.
Amazon in one way or another makes money (fees) by letting you sell your products on Amazon, well that same function would be nice to have in this vendor software that does the same activity.

2. WooCommerce & Vendor Software Suggestion:
Basic printing of shipping name and address , invoices, I thought was a basic function with Jetpack or the WooCommerce platforms.
Instead it sounds like we may need to get additional software to just print information or invoices. We are suggesting add an easy feature to at least print name and address.
And it would be equally nice to be able to print the order information to add to each order for our store or the vendors with us.
This too seems like a common feature everyone would want.


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Last updated: May 23, 2022


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