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Split Orders

Split orders so you can process and ship each part separately.

Ability to create an additional order when split, in order to charge any additional fees separately


We use your split order system to split some of our orders, and it usually results in two shipments for us. Problem is, as indicated in your FAQ, there is no way to ask for authorised payments be captured after splitting.

We think that could be implemented simply by adding the option to create a third order when splitting, that would not contain products, but additional fees instead.

In that case, when in use with Sequential Order Numbers Pro, the expected result would be for a given order 18688:
18688: origin of the order split containing some products
18688-1: secondary order containing the products we wanted to split from 18688
18688-2: a third order, not containing products, but in which we could use to charge additional fees (like shipment fees) and make payment separately.

Thank you


Fabrice Massad

Current Status


Last updated: January 31, 2023


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