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Product Vendors

by  Woo
Turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace

Add Flexibility to Vendors

‘Product Vendors should be able to have the following abilities:
– Manage their accounts as users
– – This would be assumed to already be available since the vendor can have an administrator (with the vendor’s same details). For instance, If you change a Vendor Manager or Vendor Admin’s display name doesn’t affect the display of the Vendor Profile. The Vendor should be a user. Therefore their name and other key information shouldn’t only be changed by a site admin (i.e. they should act just like any other WordPress user).
– – In fact, there should be two types of vendors: those set by the admin and administrated by others and those that have their own vendor accounts.
– – Why else would the vendor be able to apply yet not be able to manage all of their details?


Current Status


Last updated: March 21, 2020


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