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Automatically contact customers after purchase - be it everyone, your most loyal or your biggest spenders - and keep your store top-of-mind.

Add trigger options: Resources, Persons, Add-On Products

I am setting up a Bookable Product using WooCommerce Bookings.
I want students of my Institute to book an appointment for an online video call.
I want to give them 3 choices of available video platform for any bookable time-slot (I can make those choices either Resources or Add-On products).

After they have completed the booking process, I would like to send them specific instructions on how to connect with our Institute through a notification or Follow-Up email.

I want the email to be specific to the platform they have selected (ie: if a student selected Facebook Messenger, they will receive a specific message with instructions on how to join us on Messenger; if a student selected Google Hangouts, they get a specific message related to their choice, etc.).

It would be rather easy to add this to the follow-up email creating page.

First select “Follow-up Type”: “WooCommerce Booking”

In the triggers area, one would then select “Enable for”, “A specific product”, and pick the bookable product.

If another option could then appear that let’s us select the resource/person/add-on product… Follow-ups would be perfect for many many users of WooCommerce Bookings and would greatly add to the marketing aspect of WooCommerce, developing what would start to look like a professional built-in auto-responder, simplifying the customer experience as one would not have to resort to third-party plugins to manage their marketing strategies.

The more functionalities you add, the more we love your products!

Hoping you will investigate that idea šŸ™‚


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Last updated: May 11, 2020


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