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UPS Shipping Method

by  Woo
Get shipping rates from the UPS API which handles both domestic and international parcels.

Allow multiple services within shipping methods in a single zone

When I add two UPS Shipping Methods to the same zone, and I enabled all services for each, only one UPS method produced rates. However, when selecting some services from the first UPS Shipping method (like UPS Ground) and other services from the 2nd UPS Shipping Method (like UPS 2nd day Air), as long as they aren’t the same services, rates from both methods will appear.

I realize that this is not a common scenario, where two different methods will need to be added to the same zone. However, this could be handy in some select situations. For example, Advanced Shipping Packages could be used this way when the store has multiple warehouses. Product Type A needs to ship from zip code A, while product type B from zip code B. Also, if someone wants to add a handling fee in one UPS method and not the other. Then, ASP can also be used to create a package that utilizes the UPS method with the fee and apply it to a select product/package but not the other package.


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Last updated: January 11, 2018


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