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Allow Single Variation Assigned to Vendor in “Variable product”

Hi WooCommerce!

I would like to request that Product Vendors plugin allows a single variation within a “Variable product” to have the option to assign a Vendor..

I am not sure if I am using the plugin the wrong way, but it would make things very easy to assign a single variation to a Vendor within a “Variable product”.

Right now you have to assign the whole product to the Vendor, even if not all variations pertain to that Vendor in the “Variable product”.

For example..

Variation #1 – Single eBook for Sale

Variation #2 – Single eBook for Sale + Vendor’s Bonus [BUNDLE]

In this case, the store admin has to assign the whole “Variable product” to Vendor, but Variation #1 does not pertain to Vendor.

My quick fix solution right now is to manually VOID Orders for “Single eBook for Sale” (Variation #1), but requires a monthly check-up before payouts. (Would be nice if set up automatically!)

If this is a good idea.. then if a single variation is assigned to a Vendor within a “Variable product”, then it should be clearly stated on the selection of a single variation by either a different color, checkmark, or something like “Vendor – Vendor Name”..

Thanks for your time..


Current Status


Last updated: February 10, 2022


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