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Assign Manually Created Coupons/Store Credits to Account

Right now, you can see coupons/store credits on the “my account” page that are either purchased or sent to you from someone else. However, if I as the store owner send a store credit manually, it does not get assigned to any account even if they have the same email address. It simply sends the email.

It would be great if within the section where you can manually send store credits if it had the option or functionality to assign that store credit to an existing account. This way those who have an account and received a store credit manually from me, the store owner, it would appear on their account page.

(I did try this with a fake account by sending a store credit to the same email as the fake account. The email received the store credit, but the fake account does not show the coupon on the “my account” page.)




Current Status


Last updated: July 29, 2022


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