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Action to charge customers saved credit card using the stripe addon

Currently you can check to ensure a credit card is not expired.

Some of my customers don’t get charged until their products have been delivered (credit card). I manually do this. I want a action that will debit from a saved users credit card.

Then I can create a work flow that is

If a order is set to delivered unpaid and the user has a tag of "Auto Charge Credit Card"
After 3 hours
Charge the customers saved card using stripe

Stripe normally charges the card and then sets the order status to processing. But I have another work flow that watches for orders that have an order status change from delivered unpaid to processing. It then automatically sets them to completed.
It works well for our order flow, takes the hard work out of it.

For the action of charging the customers card.

If the order charge fails then it would be nice if the workflow then tries it again in 12 hours or so. Even sends a notification to the admin, this can be done using another work flow. But I thought I would mention it. I just thought I would mention it.



Current Status


Last updated: September 5, 2018


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