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Add variable tags in workflow

I use tags on my shop and I would like that when a customer buy a product from a specific tag to trigger an email, where in the email, i will be able to place a variable of the tag.

In order to be clear, here is an exemple :

I use the tags of my shop to be content creators.

When a customer order a product from a specific content creator, I am trigerring an email saying "thank you for ordering a product of the streamer name XXX"

The thing is, now, for the first time, i am having a product that belong to 2 different streamer.

So when a product is being purchased, it is actually triggering the email from Streamer1 AND Streamer2 when the customer actually know only one of those streamer and therefor he is receiving the same workflow twice.

One of the Streamer1 and one of the Streamer2.

If in the workflow i was able to say "thank you for ordering the product of { variable.tag.from.order }"

It will save me so much time because I will need just one workflow for all the streamers, but also it will make sure to select the tag related to the purchased product in case the product is attached to many different tags


Current Status


Last updated: October 17, 2023


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