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Process actions in batches, defined by admin

If I run a manual workflow, sometimes the qualifying orders will be thousands.
Sometimes, those workflows will receive a reply by the customer, to my email or phone as a text message, and I can’t reply fast enough, customers get angry šŸ™
What I’d love to see is a way to process the actions in batches,
The timing feature doesn’t seem to fit this need.
I’d like to be able and configure it like, process up to (50) then wait until (same time next day | or wait until 1 hour, whatever)
This way I can send out a bulk email, or sms, to 50 people each morning, giving me the whole day to communicate with those 50 customers further if they reply..
šŸ™‚ Thanks


Christopher Michael

Current Status


Last updated: August 20, 2022


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