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Cash on Delivery Pro for WooCommerce

Charge a deposit for orders placed using Cash on Delivery payment method. You can also charge a fee and place restrictions on usage.


We bought the module from and after installing it, the automatic shipment change does not work when I choose cash on delivery payments.

It is about cash on delivery payment. Please click through – you will see that the system, after selecting the cash on delivery payment method in the shopping cart and going further to the payment, does not display information about the payment of the deposit (automatically the online payment option is selected and the total value to be paid is given).

Only when we manually click on: Calculate cash on delivery deposit then we have what should be (unfortunately, I do not know how to correct this)

Please help how we should do it so that Calculate Deposit on Delivery is done by force when the customer is on the cart page.

Please contact the man who wrote the module, because there is no other way to contact the programmer who wrote the Cash on Delivery Pro extension module on the WordPress site. And in time, unfortunately, the automatic messaging that is for does not satisfy me.



Current Status


Last updated: March 17, 2023


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